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  1. anil raut
    anil raut
    9 दिन पहले

    Thanks for watching

  2. Hanifa Bibi
    Hanifa Bibi
    20 दिन पहले

    &tv should make a serial with abhimanyu chaudhary and should be the main role lead actor.His dad hates him.abhimanyu chaudhary is a really nice person.His dad hates him from the start.He also does death proojas for him even tho he is a alive.He also put the death necklaces on his photo.His dad is evil.He doesn't even look at abhimanyu chaudhary a lot own talk to him.His dad loves his other kids.abhimanyu chaudhary is the oldest child.Their dad is Uday Tikekar.Their mum says to the dad your son is right and front of you and is wrong God will be sad.At least be God.But Uday Tikekar hits her and says don't tell me what to do.Even must obey him he runs the house.Every is scared 😨 of him.Their mum loves abhimanyu chaudhary she makes him food and feeds him.They look after they have a stronge bond like mum and son.abhimanyu chaudhary dad loves me in his heart be does show it.Their. MUm says why are so nice abhimanyu chaudhary mama.☺Their mum is Nupur Alankar.Their second son is Anuj Sachdeva he loves abhi and his mum and wife and hates his dad.He shouts at hisbdad .Their dad says the mum look your sons tounge.The mum says the Anuj Sachdeva quiet.Why mum he treats abhi brother like this and he is hits you.Than Anuj Sachdeva hugs his mum and crys.😢Abhi says Anuj Sachdevan wipes his tears 😢 and says to me on bro no cry huna mum.Or i will cry 😢Papa loves me and you.No brother he hates you.Abhi he loves me the most.How?says Anuj Sachdeva because he doesn't show it and heard if a person doesn't show their love that means they love you Their most.Really?Yeas huna mum?Their mum lies and yes yes than they all hug each other.Anuj Sachdeva wife is nice to everyone his wife is Akanksha Chamola.Their last child is Aashish Mehrotra he is a nice person loves everyone and hates his dad.abhimanyu chaudhary finds Nikita Dutta crying 😢 at the park on his own.He says mardam no tears 😢 please and offers her a tissue.HUh?she says who are you.I am Ronan and you?Aliya oh nice name.Crying because you break a a nail it happens it happens.He laughs😂👏No.Why are so 😢 sad than?You can tell me.She crys even more no sorry I don't mean to make you cry.No no I am crying because I am hungry.What?He laughs😂it's not funny 👌ok.Ok ok wait i buy you a burger 🍔.No I stiist.He gets the burger.Have it no!I can't Don t why I haven't position it anything it's perfectly fine.No I am veg.Another problem do you say thing no.Sorry.No stop saying sorry.You don't know it's fine I can buy my own food.Sure?Yeah sure.Rohan sir says please call me just Rohan.Ok Rohan You have the burger 🍔.No I can't .Why?I want give to the poor.Or good idea.I can say something yeah say y are a great 👍 person.Your wife is very lucky that she has a forfith husband like you.He smiles and background music 🎶 strarts playing.She kiles his fingers and says where you ignoring me?What?Rohan sit with me what.No no I have be going my dad is so strict for me to come him early.But you just come to the park.Your dad must love you than?She crys and smile 😃 says yeah he does and I do too.Glad to hear it.Rohan says what about your dad?My dad says aliya he loves me alot.Rohan what about your wife where is she.In front of me.what I am i am not married.No I thought sorry.No says not thank you in friendship.That means we are pals than says I aliya shake hands.Sure.Rohan i love kids do you love kids i love kids.Rohan in am the only talking 👄 you again talk to.I would if I can the chance.They both laugh and do a high five in the air.😂✋Aliya are married?No Rohan if you don't mind I can ask you somthing.Sure.What are these scres and burns and cuts on your hands and face?I am how did this happen to you?Or it's noting.Rohan do you want ice cream I will buy it for us.No no I am good.Kamal hai you the first person I know to say no to an ice cream.Come on man I have ok.Ok come.Aliya you are such a messie eater man.He laughs😂I know.Were you like this when yo were a kid?Yes.And you were like this Rohan so funny when you were a kid.Yeah.Rohan where e else do you like to go or doing.Noting much.I like everything thing.What?Ok you even like fish 🐟 i hate fish says rohan.Yeah I even like fish.WoW Rohan smiles.Oh no what rohan?Why are hiding?Rohan stop being silly it's just me am I that ugly.It's my dad.She laughs 😂You are scared 😨 of your father.He won't bit.Oh trust me he does but like a dog 🐕 but even worst.Rohan!They both jump up Rohan's dad slaps him✋Aliya is shocked 😲.Uncle shut up lady ☝Rohan you going to let him speak like that to me say somthing.Come on Rohan have arragr shout back that.Rohan's dad goes in for a slap to wards aliya than than rohan stops his hand.The serial is about Ronan standing up for aliya to the dad each time they meet.Than they marry each other.😂😂😂😛😜😍💑

  3. samira sabah
    samira sabah
    20 दिन पहले


  4. craft with Selin Parmar
    craft with Selin Parmar
    20 दिन पहले

    Aapne yessu Dhaaravahik kyou band kar diya?

  5. kab online
    kab online
    20 दिन पहले

    Thrilling point

  6. Vikash music world
    Vikash music world
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  7. Mahi Sharma Singer
    Mahi Sharma Singer
    20 दिन पहले

    दुनिया की हर चीज़ ठोकर खाने से टूट जाती है ! एक सफलता ही है जो ठोकर खाकर ही मिलती है !!

    1. Anders Shawn
      Anders Shawn
      9 दिन पहले

      @Micah Archer Yup, I've been watching on Flixzone for months myself =)

    2. Micah Archer
      Micah Archer
      9 दिन पहले

      a trick : you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.